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 wild Luna

Empowering empresses to liberate their magick + inner wild woman through sacred sensuality, bodywork, holistic healing + embodied yoga medicine. Your feminine mystery awaits in a beautiful + intimate garden yoga studio in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire



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Welcome home soul sister, to your sacred sensuality, to your sacred self

You heard the calling to explore, to expand, to get excited by life

You are ready to unlock your deepest desires + find your freedom

That's why you're here - to walk through your portal into your potential

You are a wild being innately connected to nature, it's time to restore your feminine power

What will you invite in so you can play in your pleasure today?

The philosophy of Wild Luna is to guide + assist the awakening of your empowered empress archetype

Allow Becci to walk with you as you take these sacred steps to unleash your deliciously divine, fiercely feminine power with 1:1s + group work

Through her medicine offerings you are connected into a circle of other Goddesses also on their unique journey to self discovery, self care + self love

Your time is now. Rise, sister, rise

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meet becci, The Yoni Alchemystic

Creatrix of Wild Luna, Becci Murtagh believes that every woman deserves to be nourished so deeply that she may enter a sacred space of finding, understanding + healing herself

This wombspace wisdom + wellness is what she has dedicated her life's work to. With a wide discipline of ancient rituals + holistic healing running through her veins, working with + witnessing wild women have ecstatic transformations is what she is here to do

A mother of two mini goddesses, education + awareness of the divine feminine energy, the herstory of women, female anatomy + function is woven through all she delivers as she seeks to empower empresses of all ages + stages of their lives

"I can't wait to hear from you, hold your hand + honour you as you go on this adventure!" 


find your tribe

Get ready to be embraced by your vibe tribe + join us with weekly yoga classes, monthly new / full moon ceremonies + wild woman circles


Join our free Facebook group The Sacred Circle to connect with your cosmic community full of like minded women in a safe space to discuss all things wild + witchy!

Like the Wild Luna Yoga page on Facebook + follow on Instagram for all the latest news, class updates + posts on sensual selfcare

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dani, make up artist

"I can't quite thank Becci enough for the change within myself that she has helped give rise to. I absolutely love coming to her for 1:1 sessions because I know for that time, everything spinning in my mind melts away and she always seems to know without words exactly what medicine I need to feel centered, grounded and relaxed.

From the yoga, meditations, self massage and reiki in 1:1's to Becci's beautifully written posts on Instagram, her guidance has made me face shadows I've needed to for such a long time. I'm finding a level of self acceptance and self love that I never thought I would. I'm so grateful for her kindness, thank you Becci for your constant support and subtle prompts allowing me to embrace this new stage in my life."

anna, herbologist

"I had the honour to work with Becci on several occasions, whether it was teaching me yoga, performing a Reiki ceremony or having 1:1 healing sessions with her. Becci truly is an inspirational human being, who understands how to “make space” for someone’s’ spirit and tune into one’s aura. Her intuition and spirituality  is truly wonderful and I highly recommend Becci to anyone who seeks healing and guidance on a spiritual level."

katie, midwife

"Wild Luna appeared on my Instagram one day and my goodness, I feel like I need to buy the universe a bottle of wine or something!

In between lockdowns I was lucky enough to have a nourishing reiki/crystal/tuning fork hands on treatment and it was INCREDIBLE! Heaps of releasing emotions, I felt rejuvenated after, literally like she’d vibrates all the s**t out of my chakras! Honestly!

A few days later this was confirmed during a therapy session when my therapist remarked on how different I looked and sounded and how much lighter I seemed, that was one of my last therapy sessions, so much was healed with Becci!

I’ve also had the luxury of Becci's amazing online yoga classes In my own front room during lockdown and over the years I’ve been practising I’ve never worked with someone who is so personable. Becci checks in after class and the days following, such love and supportive energy 24/7. She is incredibly attuned and an absolute portal! She’s one of those magic people who you meet once but feel like you’ve known forever!

Becci's incredible commitment to her work means Wild Luna is also a platform for learning and a safe space to explore! She shares her gifts so generously that my own practise has evolved just from following her on Instagram!

If you are ready to open, release and level up, this is the magic goodess who’s gonna get you there!!"

danielle, singer + crystal witch

"My 1:1 session with reiki + sound healing whilst being covered in crystals was such a magical experience that felt safe, gentle and nurturing. I felt like I was on a cloud of joy for the rest of the day! Becci has magick in her + I always experience healing symptoms whenever I see her online or in person."


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