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i. sacred

Womb Activation Sessions
3 Month Yoni Egg Coaching
Yoni Steaming
Yoni Reiki
Purchase Yoni Eggs

ii. holistic

Reiki Treatments
Crystal Healing
Sound Therapy
Tarot Readings
Psychomagic Sessions

iii. wild


Live / recorded workshops + circles based on a range of
modalities including Selfcare,
Yoga, Astrology, Holistic Healing + Sacred Sensuality 

iv. yoga


Regular weekly classes
using a variety of Yoga
styles + traditions as
well as New + Full
Moon Ceremonies

The Empowered

Goddess, there is no shame in owning your sensuality
Do not censor yourself or your eternal beauty

Navigate through the darkness of disconnect

So you can feel spirit moving through your body again

Take your time to understand your shadows that you kept hidden

So you can bravely step out from behind them

​Those parts of yourself you buried deep

Watch them submit + willingly unfold

Gift yourself the permission + freedom to play in your pleasure

That's when you truly come alive

Ride those deep, intense waves of satisfaction

Watch how cosmically creative you become

Elevate to where you belong amongst the stars

Become a beacon of light for other Wild Women to do the same