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i. sacred sensuality

Yoni is Sanskrit for sacred life source. It represents the entire female reproductive system - it doesn't matter anatomically what we do or don't have. This is our spiritual, potent portal + pussy power!

The generative gateway to the universe, pure feminine energy + freedom. She is Shakti + she is alive within you. You are Shakti

The mysteries + medicine of the divine feminine + ancient womb wisdom has never been so in demand. More women than ever are becoming inspired to discover their cosmic connection to their Yonis, their blood mysteries + cycles, open up to their sacred sensuality + step into their radiant light in order to birth this magnetism into their lives, careers + relationships

Are you ready to wake the wild? Feel into a full body f*ck YES

path of the empowered empress

A sacred, sensual selfcare 1:1 coaching container of 9 sessions over 3 months online + in person in the wombspace studio

Be prepared to completely change your relationship with your Yoni, tune into your fierce feminine medicine + unleash your creative, sexual energy, healing trauma + womb wounds

Over 3 months you will dramatically turn up your confidence + courageousness with how you show up in your bedroom + your business, finding your voice to express your deepest desires in all areas of your life. Ready to become illuminated in your own beautiful light?

This is truly transformational work to connect you into your wild + wise wisdom of the wombspace, working with a crystal healing Yoni egg. Take the jump, Empress

Request a 15 minute free discovery call to find out more information in the form below

The investment is £1,333


This includes your choice of the Yoni Egg from Yoni Pleasure Palace, workbooks, plus recorded meditation + sensual homework, as well as access to Becci for questions in between your time together.


A payment plan over the 3 months is available for you

There is currently a waitlist for this programme, if you'd like to be on it - fill out the form below - thank you, Goddess!

Shibari x bodywork

Shibari is the art of Japanese rope bondage. It's the perfect manifestation of a full body drop in + finding safety in freeze state for complete nervous system regulation. It's the most potent one-off treatment for your empowerment + transformational healing

We will discuss what you are currently moving through + apply that to our session. We start with our bodies + nervous systems getting acquainted, with gentle touch + movement. You'll then experience being lovingly held + tied, with such care, compassion + kindness. In between each tie you'll receive bodywork as well as space to fully release, shake, cry - whatever the body needs, then just as lovingly untied + grounded back into the space. Aftercare is of the highest priority + you will be checked in with that day + after <3

I've welcomed women wanting to work with their physical + emotional trauma, have survived strokes + boundary ruptures, are wanting to discover new levels of surrender + sensuality. To find their voice. To meet their desires. I've seen tears, convulsions, ecstasy, joy, bliss. Often, in just one session!! This promises to play with your senses, deepen your understanding of yourself + be more empathetic of previous nervous system responses

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60 minute sessions in the Wild Luna Studio are £88

yoni alchemy

A 45 or 60 minute session that includes a consultation to understand what you would like to achieve during our time together


Using sacred ceremony, shamanic reiki with crystal healing, sound therapy + meditation, no two sessions are ever the same. Taking you into a deeply relaxed state, you are able to journey within to integrate + heal womb wounds, release blocked energy + reconnect the heart with the sacral chakra allowing your divine, delicious feminine power to flow

45 minute online appointments are £60

60 minute appointments in the Wild Luna Studio are £88

yoni steaming + reiki (coming soon)

A truly nourishing gift + ancient ritual for our womb, a Yoni herbal steaming session is a deliciously divine act of selfcare.


Steaming nurtures our blood cycles + different phases of our lives, bringing them back into balance whilst honouring our fiercely feminine power

The vagina is already self cleansing, this treatment connects us to our wombs + our wisdom. Yoni steaming helps to tone the tissue of the vagina, regulate menstruation, improve fertility, blood clots, symptoms of PMS, prolapse, dryness, painful sex, fibroids, cysts + endometriosis 

See results with just one session or book in for a course for ongoing benefits

Becci uses reiki in addition to the steam to take this experience to new heights. Expect to enjoy a deep connection with your Yoni, a blissful state of calm + sense of healing for your entire being


There is an additional option to add in a complimentary choice of Oracle card readings for extra magick medicine that is exceptionally intuitive + on-point when you are steaming

First time 45 minute appointments include a consultation + 10 minute steam with reiki £66

Follow up 60 minute appointments with a 30 minute steam + reiki £75

Course of 3 60 minute appointments £199

Course of 6 60 minute appointments £333

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