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ii. holistic healing

sacred seven chakra alignment course

Be prepared for the ultimate potent package of magick to align your chakras, offering a little bit of all our Holistic Healing modalities! If you're a Queen that knows she wants every aspect taken care of + only the best will do, this is for you!
A course
 of seven 75 minute sessions for each of the seven chakras, combining

* 2-3 yoga poses
* affirmations
* guided meditation
* crystal and reiki healing

* essential oils
* as well as chromatherapy (the use of light and colour from a special LED lighting system in the Wild Luna Studio)

This truly is such a divine service + I have been dreaming of offering this when I designed the studio, so I'm so excited to now be able to give it to you! It's a cosmic combination of many of my magickal trainings that will totally rebalance your chakras to make you feel revitalised, relaxed + bring your actions inline with your desires + dreams.

A course of seven 75 minute appointments the Wild Luna Studio is £444

You will be able to purchase the course upfront + then discuss with Becci to have your sessions booked in

blissful bodywork

Are. You. Ready, Goddess? It's here. The treatment you've been waiting for. A 90 minute appointment of being worshipped for the Queen you are

A floor based session with delicious hands on bodywork: oil massage, dry Thai yoga massage, acupressure, tuina (push-pull massage technique), gentle caress + being held/hugged/honoured all in the deliciousness of the sacred womb space studio

Expect some deep shifts + permission to drop into your sensuality as your mind, body + energy release, let go + surrender into your bliss!

90 minute appointments in the Wild Luna Studio are £90

Copy of Just like the Moon, Choose to live in your fullness.png

Book a single 75 minute chakra session for £88

the rose priestess

Mmm, this is such a yummy treatment! 90 minutes of heart based healing invoking the medicine of the Rose in the Wild Luna wombspace studio, allowing you to become initiated into the lineage of Rose Priestesses + watch your sensuality unfold

This is a potent combination of guided meditation to enter the Sacred Temple of the Rose, heart Reiki channelling the Rose frequency + with rose quartz crystals, heart based Blissful Bodywork with Rose geranium essential oil, sound healing + Rose tea, all surrounded by Rose petals, whilst the studio uses a pink light for the additional benefits of chromatherapy

You will leave feeling utterly relaxed + rejuvenated, having tapped into your sacred sensuality + connected into the Rose sisterhood

90 minute appointments in the Wild Luna Studio are £99

This is also a divine treatment to share with your fellow Rose Priestesses for a baby shower, hen do or just a good old girls get together with a magickal twist. Please enquire for details

reiki, meditation, crystal + sound healing

A 45 or 60 minute session that includes a consultation to understand what you would like to achieve during our time together


Using a selection of reiki with crystal healing, sound therapy, meditation, breathwork + psychomagick homeworks, no two sessions are ever the same but all will support your nervous system + help process any stored trauma in the body. Taking you into a deeply relaxed state, you are able to journey within to release blocked tension, reconnect with your higher self + be open to potentially receive potent downloads

45 minute online appointments are £55


60 minute appts in the Studio are £77


A transformational Shamanic psychotherapy technique based on the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky. Using the major arcana of his updated version of the Tarot De Marseille as a diagnostic tool, you are guided through the symbolism + sacred meanings alluding to your shadow, symptoms + successful outcome of integration

You are then prescribed a psychomagic based on your reading that directly influences the way the subconscious works to help integrate your shadow as well as recognise + overcome the negative patterns + influences of the generations before you in your family

The investment is £77 for a 45
minute appointment online

distant selfcare tarot reading ritual

A three card + crystal reading done on your behalf without you needing to be present, Becci with your permission tunes into your energetic field to seek guidance concerning the question or situation you have provided ahead of time


You are sent a comprehensive analysis of the cards relating to your chosen topic with a selfcare ritual, along with recommended crystals + essential oils to work with to manifest the magick you want to bring in

The investment is £50 + includes
the report which is yours to keep forever to look at whenever you need

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