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ii. holistic healing

NEW: spinal energetics

It is a massive privilege to announce that I will be offering Spinal Energetics sessions at the Wild Luna Yoga Studio from mid May, following my training with the founder, Dr Sarah Jane

This process weaves Eastern mysticism + philosophy with Western sciences + psychology together, to work with a person's inner wisdom to open the door to a profound path of remembering one's true self


You are not just a physical entity, but a vibrant tapestry of energy infused with your life experiences, so this treatment works way beyond the body but uses the spine as the access point, the portal in to that inner magick

Your incredible, beautiful body stores tension as a response to events that have happened in your life outside of your window of tolerance that present as fixations along the spine where our nervous system operates from

Spinal Energetics allows you to connect to the root cause of that stored tension + for the body to unwind in its own way, in its own time

You can connect to the innate wisdom, intelligence + intuition of your amazing body's ability to let go + heal itself

NEW: return to wombspace


A 60 minute session in the Wild Luna Studio is £88

Oh my darlings. I feel so profoundly moved to be offering this magick to you now as a 1:1 treatment after multiple sold out group workshops (check out the event page for these!)


It feels so called for. A deep drop in. A down regulation like no other. A nervous system reset


The Return to Wombspace...


Next level savasana - snuggled in an aerial silk pod, weightless - light as a feather, suspended in the air, under a projected starry ceilling, aromatherapy essential oils + incense filling the room, wrapped up, tucked in, gently rocked, receiving reiki, consensual bodywork + enveloped in sound healing.....blissful, huh? Everything for you, my Queen

This can be enjoyed simply as a relaxing experience, for us tired Wild Women demanding some much needed peace + quiet + time away from our lives. It can be an exceptional form of inner child healing as you are cared for with such feminine love. It can be anything inbetween, but it's yours to uptake, Wild Woman. I made this for you from my heart

new: shirodhara

As the energy unfolds, the bound tensions + stories unveil themselves as the body realigns + integrates. The release of movement + sound tapped into during these sessions emanates from the individual's intrinsic instincts. This response is initiated by the treatment​ but it is not merely an act performed a person. It is the facilitation of the client to enable them to organically connect to their own power


It is all about this connection - you may find small or expansive movement on the treatment bed, you may drop into shaking, but it can also be as subtle yet as life changing with just a change in breath, an outpouring of sound, or tears, you may have visions or things just "clicking into place"​


So many of us are doing the work, we are -sometimes frustratingly- overly aware of something needing to change but we can't seem to make those shifts, emotionally or physically​


Spinal Energetics supports clients to awaken a profound self-awareness, soften resistance or strengthen submissive patterns + be able to make that change. One session alone can have a dramatic + long lasting impact but the more we experience this process, the quicker we are to drop into the release + allow the body + nervous system to take over + unwind

​Our nervous system is unique to us + reflects our experiences that we have endured + creates context for the way we respond in our lives day to day. Spinal Energetics is unique that it works with the nervous system through the energetic field, which is why it is such a powerful treatment

I haven't found a better way to explain than the way my teacher, Jambo describes it, so I'm sticking with it! He said that if Thai Yoga Massage is having yoga "done to you" then Shirodhara is like having meditation done to you instead!


A treatment of Ayurveda (the science of wellbeing, yoga's sister practice) is the slow pouring of warm oil over the third eye + forehead so that it melts through the hairline + trickles down the scalp to create a delicious deep state of surrender to relaxation. The ASMR aspect is next level play!

60 minute session - £99

75 minute session - £111


There are multiple measured physical benefits, like lowered heart + respiration rate as well as blood pressure, which sounds clinical + not that sexy until we understand that this helps calm the mind - just like when we find that sweet spot of chill during yoga


Shirodhara then, is great for anyone with an overactive mind with busy AF thoughts, who can't sleep properly, suffers from anxiety + decision making plus has a general sense of restlessness - oh hi, that's like all of us then right?!


The warmth, weight + consistency of the oil being poured brings about an exceptional sensation of peace. We go into an alpha brainwave state, like in meditation, yoga nidra or savasana - we have an active awareness of our thoughts, without being those thoughts (i.e. I'm observing myself thinking about XYZ) or we drift off somewhere else altogether


For that reason, we may gain excellent clarity, have mystical transmissions or feel deeply connected to spirit - your intuition + insight upgrades as your third eye opens from having the oil concentrated upon it + you surrender into the magick 


In addition to this incredible procedure you will also receive shiro abhayanga (head massage) into specific marma or pressure points to complete the mind, body + soul connection. You'll get to take your oil home so you can continue to nourish your body with it + use as a hair mask, or bring it back for your next treatment to receive a discount off the following session <3

90 minute session - £120

Two hour Shirodhara + Bodywork - £144

Two hour Shirodhara + Shibari (rope play, see Sacred Sensuality page) - £166

blissful bodywork

Are. You. Ready, Goddess? It's here. The treatment you've been waiting for. A 90 minute appointment of being worshipped for the Queen you are

A floor based session with delicious hands on bodywork that is appropriate to your needs: oil massage, dry Thai yoga massage, acupressure, tuina (push-pull massage technique), gentle caress + being held/hugged/honoured all in the deliciousness of the sacred womb space studio

Expect some deep shifts + permission to drop into your sensuality as your mind, body + energy release, let go + surrender into your bliss!

This experience is completely based on what your body desires, rather than a full body massage sequence. We're addressing your nervous system + giving permission for it to unwind in a way it knows how to in the foremost, with the physical symptoms being addressed secondly


If you need to be snuggled up with blankies + bolsters into your own little cocoon with your head stroked + hair played with, that's what you'll get, if you need something more expansive + playful, then it's yours - if you're not sure or it's something in the middle, we go in with care, consent + curiosity in order for us to gain that wisdom + work with it

Release of what you're ready to let go of is given as much space as it needs so that you can find freedom in the body + leave feeling empowered

90 minute appointments in the Wild Luna Studio are £90

Copy of Just like the Moon, Choose to live in your fullness.png
the rose priestess

Mmm, this is such a yummy treatment! 90 minutes of heart based healing invoking the medicine of the Rose in the Wild Luna wombspace studio, allowing you to become initiated into the lineage of Rose Priestesses + watch your sensuality unfold

This is a potent combination of guided meditation to enter the Sacred Temple of the Rose, heart Reiki channelling the Rose frequency + with rose quartz crystals, heart based Blissful Bodywork with Rose geranium essential oil, sound healing + Rose tea, all surrounded by Rose petals, whilst the studio uses a pink light for the additional benefits of chromatherapy

You will leave feeling utterly relaxed + rejuvenated, having tapped into your sacred sensuality + connected into the Rose sisterhood

90 minute appointments in the Wild Luna Studio are £99

This is also a divine treatment to share with your fellow Rose Priestesses for a baby shower, hen do or just a good old girls get together with a magickal twist. Please enquire for details

reiki, meditation, crystal + sound healing

A 45 or 60 minute session that includes a consultation to understand what you would like to achieve during our time together


Using a selection of reiki with crystal healing, sound therapy, meditation, breathwork + psychomagick homeworks, no two sessions are ever the same but all will support you to down regulate. Taking you into a deeply relaxed state, you are able to journey within to release blocked tension, reconnect with your higher self + be open to potentially receive potent downloads

45 minute online appointments are £55


60 minute appointments in the

Studio are £77

nervous system regulation - awaken
your inner jaguar archetype

Sometimes, it's not relaxation that we need, or maybe settling into a relaxed state feels overwhelming. Maybe you have strong impulses to run away when a situation gets too intimate. You may absolutely detest conflict, or having meetings at work when you have to give a presentation, or compete. Perhaps you feel angry or fearful a lot of the time, or relate to imposter syndrome or suffer with confusion + disorientation. Do you know if you feel closer aligned to prey or predator? Or what "safety" feels like to you? 


We can respond to different situations in so many ways. We may know why we behave certain ways too but we still do it. Sometimes we feel trapped in the awareness but unable to make changes. This is your invite to awaken your inner Jaguar archetype, wild one!


Our body's innate wisdom, our nervous system will react in accordance with our physical + emotional experience, relationships with others, conditioning, physiology - even down to the hormones + connective tissue qualities we have that differs from others

Our coping mechanisms may have shown up as early as being in the womb, to childhood + adolescence as a response to stress, which may now be presenting in adult years as trauma or PTSD, but you've heard the call + now wanting to alchemise + be free from it

During these sessions, you will learn what it is that will specifically + deliciously support YOU + your requirements to regulate YOUR nervous system. With a variety of tried + tested modalities, you will be equipped with tools to empower yourself, feel deeply connected to your body + have a whole new level of understanding about your incredible self


45 minute online appointments

are £55



60 minute appointments in the Studio

are £77

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