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We’re in that little secluded bit that overlooks the stairs of car park that you have to go down to get to the shop. The door shuts behind us. No one is around We stand close, our hands find each other as you look down at me, catching my coy smile. We both know what happens when we are in places like this You pull me in closer + kiss my forehead You whisper into my ear, "there are so many things I am going to do to you when I get you back home"

My devious little moan in your ear makes you instantly get hard You look around, "fuck it," you say. "I’m taking you here"

I love your urgency to have me You take off your belt, wrapping it around my wrists then force me to turn around + secure me to the banister railing of the stairs

You slide up my dress + feel with your fingers just how wet I am already

I’m not wearing anything underneath my dress. I do it because I know it drives you wild when I could be so easily accessible for you at any given moment. You hitch it up over my back so my bare arse is exposed You get down onto your knees + you tease me with your breath knowing you are so close to me, feeling the warmth of your face directly onto my pussy It makes me mad, you can sense how much I am anticipating you being inside me + how badly I want your throbbing cock You laugh + say, "don’t even think about stomping your foot" But because I’m such a brat, I do it anyway You say, "now you’re in for it"

I'm so turned on hearing you say that You spit right onto my lips, get back onto your feet, force the leg I just stomped high onto the railing, parting my cheeks + then slide your exceptionally hard cock into my tight, tight pussy The pounding makes me squeal, so you take one hand + cover my mouth whilst the other grabs my hip to use to force yourself in + out of me

Being in this position + at this speed with you always makes my clit extra swollen + throb even more But you know this + the hand that was on my mouth now wet with spit, you take to my clit + play her like a fucking musical instrument I become weak on my leg, my knee giving way in pleasure, wrists pulling at the belt that binds me to the railing I am desperate to come But you stop everything altogether + pull out

I'm frustrated as hell + you know it

It gives me a second to catch my breath, but I huff in annoyance. You begin to play with my nipples instead which are incredibly hard for you. You do it in the way that makes me call out your name The slow melt into ecstasy builds as you see my pussy gushing down the leg that holds me up Seeing that you have zero discipline + restraint Zero desire to be slow You slide your cock so deep into my sopping pussy that it gushes out even more as you enter me You say in my ear, "I’m going to make such a mess of you + then watch me pour out of that tight perfect little pussy + down your leg. Oh -" he pauses "+ you’re not to wipe anything away as we go in the shop. If you agree, then I will let you come"

I moan with the thought of that deliciousness + how you want me to be publicly marked + possibly even shamed by you So naturally. Willingly. I reply, "then make a mess of me, baby" Music. To. Your. Ears

With that, the pounding I get is unreal

Hands grasped at my hips, slamming into me

You grab my face + we hastily + messily kiss on the side, fucking me relentlessly until we both reach the point of climax in loud, breathy moans

I can actually feel you filling me up completely You slowly withdraw, step back + sort yourself out but tell me to keep my leg up on the railing You grab your phone + record your come dripping from my red, swollen pussy. At this angle you see right into me You tell me not to move an inch as you watch it trickle down my inner thigh Pleased with yourself, still filming, you slap me on the arse, hard, + call me a good girl I look over my shoulder + bite my lip at you with a cheeky grin. I can tell how satisfied you are You put your phone back into your pocket + pull my dress back down, helping me off the railing. I'm a little weak on my feet so you hold onto me tightly. You unbuckle me, pull me in lovingly + kiss me again on the forehead

You say, "let’s go get stuff for dinner, shall we baby?" You smile mischievously as we walk into the shop hand in hand, knowing that I am absolutely dripping with both of us, looking like I’ve just been ravished on the railings, pussy, clit + nipples played with into oblivion

Completely fulfilled Only the way we fuck, only the way we feel for each other enables this type of high It’s there every time we look at each other in all those unspoken words, in all the little moments We go + find our favourite things to cook - with my legs now both covered in our juices. You can see it, but only subtly

But you know exactly what it is + why it's there. What we've been doing You fucking love it + you fucking love knowing I’ll be that good girl for you Always...


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