Sun, 10 Oct | Location is TBD, Hemel Hempstead

Both Workshops (Worshipping the Goddess Within + Sacred Sensuality - Introduction to Yoni Eggs)

A delicious double wild whammy of potent sensual + feminine magick
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Both Workshops (Worshipping the Goddess Within + Sacred Sensuality - Introduction to Yoni Eggs)

Time & Location

10 Oct, 10:30 – 07 Nov, 12:30
Location is TBD, Hemel Hempstead

About the Event

Prepared to feel absolutely adored, Queen!

Worshipping the Goddess Within - Sunday 10th October 10:30am

In the first workshop, we'll be bringing all of the feels about who we are today, compared to how we once were, or maybe who we want to be + the blocks that are in the way of us achieving this.

Maybe your body has gone through a major change after giving birth, following lock down, a surgery or maybe you've always felt this way. Perhaps you're fricking loving on your body but you just need to some time to be seen, heard + held in sacred space, honouring whatever emotions you're going through at the moment.

Bring it all. It's all welcome in this circle, sister. We will guide each other through this journey of forgiveness + compassion by seeing + supporting one another for the incredible beings we are.

With a potent combination of ceremony, blissful bodywork, embodiment, sharing, listening + receiving, you will leave with your cup feeling full + your selfcare game stronger than ever.

This alchemy will be experienced during Libra season + shortly after the New Moon moves through this delicious sign. Libra brings attention towards our relationship with beauty + harmony, ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love + pleasure, she invites you to treat your body as a temple + yourself as an incarnation of Venus herself. Deliciously divine + deserving of the desires you yearn for!

This is the first workshop of two, with the second on taking what we have let go of + integrated above, building upon it with our sacred sensuality + magick of crystal yoni eggs

Sacred Sensuality - Introduction to Yoni Eggs - Sunday 7th November 10:30am

We'll be exploring the relationship we have with our yoni, Sanskrit for "sacred source" which includes the vulva, vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries + all the other deliciousness, so that we can tune into our fierce femine medicine to unleash our confidence, creative + sexual energy, as well as address our womb wounds

During this introduction to yoni eggs, you'll learn about this ancient ritual that has been used over thousands of years to support + nourish women's health

You'll be indirectly shown how to insert, do exercises with, remove, cleanse, charge + care for your egg. You won't need to use the egg at all, this is a magickal time to learn all about her gifts + bond together, allowing your powers to merge

During this session you will each receive an initiation into the lineage of wild women with your egg, which is a divine ceremony

When we work with the wild wisdom of the wombspace, we truly discover who we are, what we want in our lives + how to get it. Combined with the healing energy of the crystal, this is a journey that once you embark upon you'll never look back

This is a wonderful taste into the three month 1:1 yoni egg mentoring offering The Path of the Empowered Empress, more information can be found here.

This workshop will take place during Scorpio season + just after the New Moon moves through this sign that rules sex, mysticism + embracing our darker self, as well as the reproductive system

This is the second workshop of two, with the first on 10th October having let go of + integrated grief around who we once were, or the blocks that are holding us back from who we want to be, building upon it with our sacred sensuality + magick of crystal yoni eggs. You do not need to have come to the first to join the second, but it is recommended in order to have a secure foundation for the rest of the yummy feminine medicine to unfold!

With the workshops combined together, you will unlock potent divine feminine codes

Investment for

10th October only - £40 (book here)

7th November only, without a crystal yoni egg - £40 (book here)

7th November with a crystal yoni egg - £80 (book here)

Both Workshops without egg -  £70 (save £10)

Both Workshops inc egg £100 (save £20)

  • Both workshops WITH yoni egg
  • Both workshops W.OUT yoni egg
    +£1.75 Service fee
    +£1.75 Service fee