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dakini: the feminine embodiment of enlightenment + bringer of wisdom


kurukulle is the glowing red dakini of magnetism, magick, seduction + sorcery


a mesmerising + youthful enchantress, exuding compassion + possessing divine beauty, she blissfully draws in all she desires. to work with the evocative + erotic kurukulle is to invoke these enticing qualities


use this potent goddess elixir to support you to manifest her power to attract all that you seek


spray onto your yoga mat, in your sacred space or throughout your aura to call upon kurukulle for a delicious pleasure practice


containing juicy garnet + fiery carnelian, these crystals will light up your sensuality


infused with sumptuous essential oils of ylang ylang, vetiver, myrrh + frankincense, this alluring scent will whisk you away to the temples of pleasure to dance with the sacred priestesses


charged under a full moon + with the energy of the mantra for goddess kurukulle


oṃ kurukulle hrīḥ hūṃ svāhā

Crystal Elixir - Dakini

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