A tribute to Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty + abundance, this new crystal elixir contains a beautifully juicy + rare AAA grade rhodochrosite, which is also known as the Inca Rose. Said to be formed from the blood of Inca Queens, this crystal attracts prosperity, compassion + a deeply fulfilling love. Connecting the heart with sacral chakra for divinely sensual energy, rhodochrosite boosts self love + worth, helping you to embody this delicious deity.


Infused with sumptuous essential oils of tuberose, sandalwood, amyris, ylang ylang + pink pepper, this alluring scent will whisk you away to the temples of pleasure to dance with the sacred priestesses. 


This Crystal Elixir is created with water from the Red Spring, or Challice Well in Glastonbury collected on the fertility festival of Beltane + energised with Shamanic drumming + Reiki healing for powerful potency.


Charged under the exceptionally abundant portal of the New Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, using this crystal elixir will support you in manifesting magick in new, exciting relationships, lucky careers + beautiful opportunities. 


Spray onto your yoga mat, in your sacred space or throughout your aura to envoke Venus for exceptional sensuality for your pleasure practice either solo or with a lover/s! 


Enjoy, Wild Ones ;-)

Crystal Elixir - Venus Vibes