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Founder and Teacher, Wild Luna Yoga

Becci believes in a holistic approach to wellbeing; bringing her Reiki, Rahanni + Shamanic energy work, Thai Yoga massage, aromatherapy, astrology, tarot, acupressure and crystal healing with a passion for promoting positive mental health to her yoga classes to benefit her students. She has trained with teachers of various lineages and takes inspiration from them as they have brought a deeper aspect to her practice, including Ana Forrest, Jambo Truong, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Lizzie Lasater and Christian Salton, plus a wide range of esoteric, spiritual, Shamanic medicine and energy mentors.

Becci started yoga after she gave birth to her first daughter, so that she could have some much needed self care to challenge herself physically and support herself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having scoliosis she suffered throughout her life with chronic back pain as well as being affected by depression and anxiety.

During her first class she instantly fell in love with the practice. "Just after one session I remember feeling so light and then as I attended regularly my backache just diminished as my strength increased. Waking up without the heaviness of that pain or needing to take medication was an amazing discovery. Most importantly I learned to breathe properly - which not only helped me physically but mentally too. Yoga is my moving meditation, it's the ultimate stress buster and helps me to look after myself. So I am incredibly honoured to be able to share this wonderful practice with others as I hope to support them in a similar way."

Wanting to help more people experience the same blissful benefits, Becci decided to train as a yoga teacher and completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2016 and has been delivering yoga classes in Hemel Hempstead ever since. When she isn't looking after her two daughters and husband, she works as the Head of Marketing for a mental health charity, The Counselling Foundation,  providing affordable counselling and professional counsellor training.

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